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a casa do retratista

a casa do retratista

Set of typical constructions of the zone of century XIX

In Vileimil, it shows a set of typical constructions of the XIX century: 2 houses, with a large living room and exhibition hall, a hórreo, a chapel, a well, garden areas, a cruceiro, the remains of the old barn, All located on a plot of 6 hectares, with apple trees, cherry trees and other fruit trees.
The small house retains the traditional kitchen with an oven, wood fire on the floor, and a bodeguilla or winch.
In this place, Vicente Ansola, Vileimil's portraitist has managed to rescue walls and stones, roofs and singular corners that, with perseverance and art he has known how to pamper and give light.
With a rural decor that is both modern and modern, the rooms are unique pieces, with sounds and a halo of history as a potion perfectly blended by meigas. Spacious bright spaces that have a relax area and exits to the glazed gallery, where you can enjoy relaxing views of the garden or the mountains, always looking for maximum comfort. Spacious bathrooms with jacuzzi.
Luxury interior surrounded by art and nature.

Ethnographic set

Street facade

Living room DEVA