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Cathedrals Beach.

A Casa do Retratista is located about 30 minutes from the coast, the Mariña Lucense, where you can admire the whimsical Playa As Catedrais, with cliffs over 30 meters, arches and vaults of spectacular beauty.

From 1 July to 30 September and Holy Week (23 March to 2 April 2018) to access the beach is essential to book (free of charge).

We recommend you to book in advance.

How to book?

1- If you are a customer we can manage your tickets according to the date of your stagnation and the tide table.

2- Do it yourself through a web page enabled and managed by the Xunta de Galicia: https://ascatedrais.xunta.es (remember to check the tides)

3- You don't know when to go, you're surprised, you forgot to book!!!!!! Don't worry, you still have a choice:

There is a shuttle bus "Bus Praia" that leaves Ribadeo (1st exit from the Tourist Office) and with the bus ticket you have a secure entrance to the sandy area.

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Cathedrals Beach.

The typical features of the beach are the arches and caves, only noticeable at the foot of the beach during the low tide. During high tide the beach is relatively small, with fine sand and remains suitable for bathing. It is interesting to see the beach with the high tide crossing the upper part of the cliffs in a west-east direction towards Esteiro beach and to see it with low tide on the sand of the beach.

During the low tide, you can access a long sandy beach bounded by a rocky wall of slate and shale eroded in whimsical shapes: arches more than thirty metres high reminiscent of a cathedral's arbotantes, caves tens of metres high, sandy corridors between blocks of rock and other curiosities. With live tides, where the tides come down more and rise more than normal tides, you can even access the nearby beaches through the sand, although you must be careful and return before the tide starts to rise as the sea level rises rapidly since it is a stretch of coast practically horizontal belonging to the Cantabrian Sea. The beach has this relief due to the effect of wind and salt water erosion.

Next to the parking lot of the beach you can find two viewpoints from where you can see in its entirety a magnificent view of the Mariña Lucense.

Cathedral Beach Tide Table

Tickets for Cathedrals Beach

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